Estate Planning

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giving keys to new home owner

Estate planning will allow you to leave a legacy for the ones you love. It will provide a sense of purpose and determination to what you have accomplished within your lifetime and to be able to share it with your next generations.  When you have a well thought out estate plan, it will allow you to manage your family’s financial future and most importantly, to pass your assets onto your family in a tax efficient manner.

Many individuals think estate planning will be a very lengthy and difficult process, however with the assistance of one of our experienced advisors it can be very simple and efficient. The most difficult part is getting started.

Here are some questions to consider in your next step:

Who would you like to name as your beneficiaries?
How would you like to distribute your assets?
If you own a family business, how will the business be divided?
If you hold investment properties, how will these properties be divided?

A Will is the foundation of your estate planning allowing you to designate your beneficiaries and ensure that each individual gets exactly what you want. An insurance policy is used in estate planning to ensure you maximize the amount of assets passed onto your family and minimize the amount of taxes paid when assets are transferred to the next generation.

> To get started on your Estate Plan, speak with an experienced advisor at Torce Financial Group.